Housing Registrar
Housing Registrar
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Housing Association

Housing associations expand new housing through construction, purchase or acquisition, using a mix of government funds and private sector investment. They also manage housing portfolios - properties owned by themselves or leased from other parties, such as the Director of Housing.

Common Equity Housing Limited
Telephone: 03 9208 0800

Website: http://www.cehl.com.au

Community Housing (Vic) Ltd
Telephone: 03 9856 0050

Website: http://www.chl.org.au

HousingFirst Limited
Telephone: 03 9534 5837

Website: http://www.housingfirst.org.au

Unison Housing Limited
Telephone: 03 9349 0250

Website: http://unison.org.au

Wintringham Housing Ltd
Telephone: 03 9376 1122

Website: http://www.wintringham.org.au

Women's Housing Ltd
Telephone: 03 9412 6868

Website: http://www.womenshousing.com.au